Existing Equipment & Facilities Maintenance:

Eisen Audio provides part-time tech support for a select line of unsupported, discontinued, vintage analog equipment and associated interconnect systems to a select group of music recording studios and professionals, primarily in the New York City area. We are not authorized nor obliged to service any third-party devices. Liability is limited. Each potential new job is subject to our discretion. Preferably new clients should come with a referral. Please e-mail us to determine if your job may be a good fit for Eisen Audio, or to see if we can refer you to another service provider.

In addition to the examples pictured, we have serviced a variety of other equipment and systems including consoles, mixers, power supplies, patch bays, wiring harnesses, electrical panels and distribution, isolation transformers and surge protection, microphones, mic preamps, equalizers (EQ), filters, dynamic processors (compressors, limiters, gates), spring reverbs, plate reverbs, power amplifiers, and tape machines.

A short list of brands includes Neve, API, Trident, MCI, UREI, Spectra Sonics, Altec, Neotek, Langevin, AKG, Ecoplate, Stocktronics, Neumann, Siemens, TAB, Orban, Auditronics, Philips, ADR, Studer.