Eisen Audio, LLC is an audio electronics services provider
operated by Jens Jungkurth
in New York City
since 2005.
We maintain the best vintage equipment for music recording studios,
design new equipment that's at least as good for boutique manufacturers,
build specialty devices intended to last longer than your career,
and provide selective consulting in these areas.


We are dedicated to the development, production, and preservation of premium analog audio hardware, specializing in signal processors and systems meant to yield the maximum emotional impact and musicality of tone.

We pursue this mission with a life-long passion for recorded music, and a background spanning the disciplines of electronic engineering, recording studio technician, as well as music production and performance.

We use our ears, not just our test gear. Most equipment design is done with math and measurement almost exclusively, but Eisen Audio views subjective quality of recorded music as the primary activity, with engineering being merely an elegant means of achieving it.

We understand proper electronic specifications and cost-effective implementation but we don’t let these forces dominate our decision-making. Audio engineers run Eisen Audio, using their critical listening skills and end-user experience to guide the design process, first and foremost.

We believe the best test signal is program material.... Because any device can reproduce a clean sine wave, but when presented with the indescribable complexities and subtleties of good music there's no such thing as transparent... so that test signal had better come out sounding musically relevant, and there's only one way to find out.

Our products come from making records, attending sessions, soliciting a community of recording engineers, producers, studio owners, and musicians for their insights and requests, and followed by countless hours of tinkering before we have something worth showing them. 

We want nothing to do with cheap junk soon destined for landfill. If a piece of gear isn't going to stick around helping people make music and working well for at least 30 years, then it probably shouldn't exist. 

"And after pursuing these ideals for the past decade, without another source of income, in a very expensive city, I would like to think I've developed a pragmatic business sense by which to tether them." 


If you're a reasonable person
who appreciates our perspective
and thinks our capabilities might be a good fit for your project
then perhaps we'd like to work with you.


Staff Includes:
Jens Jungkurth, Principal
Abby Echiverri, Engineering
Rudi Munroe, Production Manager
And various production technicians


Associates Include:
John D Klett, of Tech Mecca, Inc. and NonLinearAudio™ (NLA)
Dave Raphael, of Awesome Transistor Amplifier Company (AwTAC)
Andrew L Roberts, of Purple Audio LLC
Matt Marinelli, of Coral Sound, Inc. and Exile Recording
Don Fierro, of Hakanai, LLC
Mike Mabie, of Hairball Audio, LLC
Peterson Goodwyn, of DIY Recording Equipment
Ed Anderson, of Anders Audio
Noah Murphy, of You Pretty Duck


We wish to respect the privacy of our clients and customers, hence they are not listed here. Please contact us for referrals if needed.