Fader Box, Mixer System

Jens was tasked to design and prototype a 10-channel passive fader box for use with the AwTAC Table Top Mixer System. Each fader is wired to a standard 1/4″ TRS jack, for compatibility with the TRS fader loop in certain 500 Series rack mount enclosures (e.g. Purple Audio Sweet Ten). A recessed mounting plate allows clearance for inserted TRS plugs when this fader box is rack mounted using optional rack ears (not shown). Each piece of metal is cut from standard 1/8″ aluminum stock, so that these fader boxes can be easily built by a local machinist, one at a time, with easy customization options. The top plate comes from AwTAC’s metalphoto art department and is also 1/8" aluminum. Were we to mass produce these fader boxes, they would be redesigned for sheet metal construction like our other rack mount enclosures, and we would subcontract the wiring to our friends at Coral Sound or RedCo, who would do a much nicer job.

Details and sales: http://awtac.com/products/fader-box