PURPLE AUDIO LILPEQr Program Equalizer

Purple Audio was impressed with the tone and usability of Eisen Audio’s LILPEQr LE60 and asked to reissue it as a Purple Audio product. Ed Anderson was tasked with creating an authentic-sounding replica of the vintage input transformer, which ended up taking a very long time. Jens would not let this reissue be finished until it sounded just like the original batch.

While re-drawing the PCB, the “Input – Direct” feature was removed, based on customer feedback, and a selectable input fader mode was added in its place. This allows for attenuation so that maximum boost (which still sounds great) won’t overload, and means that a rack full of Purple LILPEQr modules can be used as the front end of an analog mixing solution. Another new feature is the Purple-designed tri-color LED signal level metering.

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