Flexiguy FG500 Mic/Line/D.I. Preamplifier

Clients who loved FG8000 but couldn’t afford an eight-channel investment asked NLA to release the Flexiguy preamp in 500 Series format, so that they could buy one channel at a time. Said clients have since filled entire 24-slot recording consoles and 10-slot racks with FG500 modules, upon discovering "it's the only preamp I've come across that works on every source".

While re-drawing the PCBs, Jens added some unique rail-sagging circuitry so that FG500 would maintain its tonal and overload characteristics regardless of which third-party 500 Series power supply/enclosure it was plugged into.

A self-contained D.I. circuit was also added, with its own output transformer which drives the Flexiguy’s ZUTT 012J mic input transformer.

And John took this opportunity to revamp the LED signal-level metering circuit. Shown here as a through-hole daughterboard, it will be redone in surface mount for future production runs.

Details and sales at nonlinearaudio.com (NonLinearAudio is a joint venture of Eisen Audio, LLC and Tech Mecca, Inc.)