Neve Kelso Direct Outputs

Neve Kelso is a coveted compact mixing console from the 70s, which has great-sounding mic preamps, but lacks direct outputs for multi-track recording.

Tech Mecca, Inc. tasked Eisen Audio with building a space-saving, yet authentic-sounding, output stage called LULO9000. We drew a PCB which solders atop the wire terminals of a Neve/Mainair LO2567 output transformer, providing the sockets and support circuitry for a Neve BA440 output amplifier.

The end result is electronically equivalent to the output stage of a 1081 channel amplifier, and Coral Sound, Inc. was able to fit ten of them into the back the console pictured below. Another photo shows a pair of Neve 3116 channel amplifiers that Eisen Audio racked using a pair of LULO9000 for proper output stages.