Vintage Trident consoles often featured integral patchbays built from PCB-mounted ADC jacks. 30-40 years later, said jacks are often in awful shape and causing intermittent connections, which makes the console impractical to use. Since cleaning or trying to replace said ADC jacks can be futile, Eisen Audio is sometimes hired to create entirely new jackbay cards as shown below. We use the highest quality nickel plated jacks which should last virtually forever. These retrofit cards can be user-installed as a direct replacement for the vintage cards, however a new top panel must be machined to hold the cards in place, accounting for the difference in the physical footprint of new jacks versus old jacks. This is not an inexpensive process, but it typically costs less and requires significantly less work (and down time) than the alternative approach of removing the Trident patchbay altogether and rewiring/reterminating the multipin connectors for an external wired patchbay. Contact us for an estimate if you’d like to purchase a similar retrofit for your console.