Neve 8058 Switch Replacement and Advanced Cleaning

Through continuous use since the 1970s some of the isostat pushbutton switches in this console had altogether worn out and needed to be replaced. Being that it’s rather cost-prohibitive to obtain new isostat switches with the large minimum order requirement and that they’re made with the same inferior point-contact design and silver plating, we decided to replace them with superior gold plated shadow pushbutton switches instead. An adaptor PCB with right angle brackets had to be constructed.

In other parts of the console it made more sense to replace old isostat with new isostat as shown.

In the case of some blore edwards rotary switches no longer passing signal we had to disassemble the wafers to scrub them with harsh chemicals and then flush it all out. This was a last resort after trying repeated spray cleaning, ultrasonic tank cleaning failed to produce lasting results. A replacement rotary switch was sourced but deemed too expensive.

Upon reassembly we replaced the worn out pan pots with new parts.