Sony MXP-3000 Upgrades

Seaside Lounge hired Eisen Audio to help upgrade their mixing situation in Studio A.

First we recapped, recopied, cleaned, and replaced the volume pot in their Control Room monitor module for more accurate listening.

Then we installed one of our NonLinearAudio™ Candy Buss cards as shown. This replaces the following stereo mix signal paths:

  • summing amps
  • insert send, return, and bypass
  • master fader buffering
  • main outputs
  • monitor outputs

The console still operates as before, with the same gain structure, patch points, and metering  and patch points in effect. The stock SONY modules have had only minor modifications done which are easily reversible. All of the associated wiring has been connectorizedz for easy troubleshooting and reversing in case they want to keep the CB2 card and sell the console as stock. For now the card lives on a rack shelf beneath the integral console patch bays.

Whereas the stock Sony signal path was comprised of more or less generic IC op amps and capacitors alone, the CB2 card contains premium discrete op amps, transformers, and more carefully selected capacitors which has resulted in a subjectively superior soundstage.

Extra attention was paid to grounding, helping make for a shockingly quiet 2-buss.