Spectra Sonics 1024 Rebuild

This console had been purportedly reassembled by a third-party from a disparate collection of modules and spare parts and was delivered to client with a new power supply, recapped, cleaned, with multipin connectors reterminated, and many IC sockets replaced but nevertheless barely working and entirely unreliable. Evidently, two fatal mistakes had been made: 1. powering the console with +/-24VDC which greatly exceeded the Safe Operating Area of and thereby damaging nearly all of its IC op amps and logic switches, and 2. attempting to spray clean sealed conductive plastic potentiometers which had been damaged by the DC offset from failed ICs. 

Eisen Audio was hired to subsequently rebuild said console according to client needs.

In addition to epic amounts of troubleshooting, reflowing bad solder joints, bulk replacing failed ICs, chasing out intermittent signal via cleaning and reseating or outright replacement of moving parts…

The quad pan pots had failed irreparably and were replaced with new stereo pan pots utilizing the front LR busses and disabling the rear LR busses.

The solo system and control room monitoring section did not make sense and were never going to work correctly. Eisen Audio first constructed a new passive control room monitoring section complete with talkback and solo relays, installed all new solo switches, and tied the existing solo busses to the new hardware.

There was no 2-mix insert loop, so one was added. Additional 2-mix direct inject points were also brought out for calibration purposes and for use as additional parallel processing returns.

The correct master logic module for VU meter and overdub mode switching could not be located, so a module from a different Spectra Console was painstakingly hacked.

Maintenance is ongoing.

An excellent harness and patchbay system was constructed by Coral Sound.