Trident Series 70 Rebuild and Upgrades

This 30-year-old desk had suffered catastrophic and repeated failure of stock Trident power supplies which was the straw that broke the camel’s back after decades of wear and tear. In an effort to make this console behave like new again (if not better), Eisen Audio - under the supervision of Tech Mecca - carried out the typical array of procedures which included:

  • replacing all of the electrolytic capacitors
  • replacing all of the failed Audiofad faders with P&G 3000 series
  • replacing all of the potentiometers which could not be revitalized via cleaning with equivalent spares
  • replacing the crucial and worn out pushbutton switches which could not be revitalized via cleaning with brand new gold plated equivalents
  • A more transparent control room monitoring path including new volume control
  • terminating switches and draining caps for less audible "clicking"
  • strategic upgrade of the most crucial IC op amps for lower noise, without replacing the majority channel strip op amps which help makeup the "Trident character"
  • reinforcing the power and ground distribution all along the underside of the console motherboards and rear of frame which helps lower noise, crosstalk
  • tying the new power/ground distribution to a new array of Acopian Gold Box A Series power supplies which, aside from having adequate protection against failure, also tend to sound a lot better.