Neve BCM10 Better Summing

This is one of the better BCM10 consoles from 1974, with direct output wiring already installed, which makes for a great way to house and use a set of Neve 10xx series channel amplifiers. Unfortunately, the summing quality is not on par with larger Neve models from this era. In order to improve the situation, and seeing as how this particular console is being used as a sidecar to our modified 8014, for additional inputs at mixdown, Eisen Audio did the following:

  1. Re-calibrated the input router modules for 5dB lower operating level
  2. Disconnected all misc and additional feeds to the mix buss in order to lower crosstalk
  3. Re-terminated the 1272 summing amp inputs in order to decrease buss source impedance for lower crosstalk and better bass response.
  4. Re-terminated the 1272 summing amp gain and calibration settings in order to restore proper operating level, for best THD+N and max output.

The next logical step would be a replacement  B106 card containing a “ballsier” amplifier with which to drive the faders and 2-mix feed on each channel.